Lightspeed Systems Announces Move to Austin, Texas

June 20, 2016

Education technology company Lightspeed Systems consolidates its operations in Austin, planning to relocate most employees and open larger new headquarters.

AUSTIN, TX. — Ed-tech solution provider Lightspeed Systems has announced plans to relocate employees and operations from Bakersfield, California, to Austin, Texas, expanding its corporate headquarters. The company will gradually transition employees from its original offices in downtown Bakersfield to a larger new facility in Austin starting this year.

Since 1999, Lightspeed Systems has built its reputation creating smart solutions for K-12 school networks. Its award-winning web filtering, mobile device management and classroom management products are used in 5,500 school districts in the United States and 25,000 schools globally. The expansion of Lightspeed’s centrally located Austin presence will give the company more opportunities for growth; the transition will be complete sometime in 2017.

Lightspeed Systems’ new location was chosen by the company’s executive team to position the company closer to customers, partners, and other key technology companies. Additionally, concentrating employees in the Central Time Zone will allow the company to better support customers in and out of the country, and work with more agility and speed, says its CEO.

“Right now, Austin is the most innovative and dynamic place in the country for technology,” says Lightspeed Systems President and CEO Brian Thomas. “Bakersfield was an incredible place to found and build our business, and we will always have ties to the community. But we’re excited about our future in Austin so we can continue growing and achieving new goals.”

Lightspeed Systems opened its downtown Austin headquarters in 2013. The thriving start-up scene, culture of innovation and excellent barbecue make Austin an ideal home for Lightspeed Systems’ staff. Lightspeed Systems Founder Rob McCarthy, a Bakersfield native, moved to lead the Austin presence in 2014; the rest of its executive team is in the process of relocating. The majority of employees working in Bakersfield, California, will be transitioned to the Austin offices this year, while some employees will remain in Bakersfield, working remotely.

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Why Lightspeed Systems Web Filtering?

December 15, 2015

Matthew Gray and Tom McHenry are Network Managers at Queens College London and needed a way to customise their filtering for younger and older students to ensure they had as much access to valuable material as possible.

Roger Pearson, the Senior Technician at Northumberland Church of England Academy needed a scalable filter that could work across multiple campuses spread throughout the county.

Chris Butler is the Head of IT Delivery at the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership and needed a simple but sophisticated way to report on students behaviour online and pass the information on to senior members of staff.

These features as well as a number of other education-focused tools for IT and teaching staff are what make Lightspeed Systems Web Filter the perfect fit for their schools and thousands of other schools around the world. See their experience in their own words by watching this video.

Lightspeed Systems Revolutionises Device Management With New Management Bundle for Windows

November 10, 2015

Today, school network solution innovator Lightspeed Systems announced the launch of the Lightspeed Systems Management Bundle for Windows, a complete solution for the management of Windows and other devices in education. The bundle offers mobile device management, classroom management and web filtering to simplify the day-to-day management of devices with a single, complete solution.


With mobile devices coming into schools in increasing numbers, administrators need smart solutions to simplify management. The requirements of schools differ from those of enterprises and, like all Lightspeed Systems solutions, the Management Bundle was designed specifically to meet those unique needs. The bundle provides powerful controls to set device features, view student screens, set secure testing policies, and more — all from an easy-to-use central interface that gives administrators centralised control while providing easy and secure options for delegation of key classroom functions.

“Windows devices offer great quality and affordability with a familiar interface and powerful productivity tools, which is why so many schools have chosen them for their mobile learning programs,” says Lightspeed Systems President Brian Thomas. “Our bundle offers everything IT departments and teachers need to make Windows devices easily-managed learning tools.”

Lightspeed Systems has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure powerful integration and seamless inter-operation with Windows, Office 365, and other Microsoft education solutions.

“Whether teachers and students are purchasing new devices or upgrading existing devices to Windows 10, the package of Lightspeed device management and professional services is a cost-effective way to simplify device management and classroom management, enabling them to achieve more,” said Tony Prophet, Corporate Vice President, Education Marketing, Microsoft.

Early reaction to the bundle from school technology directors is reflective of the need this new solution fills for administrators seeking solutions to help them more easily manage devices across their districts, schools, and classrooms:

“A one-stop shop for Windows control.”
“A wonderful tool to help administrators and teachers effectively manage mobile devices and users.”
“A dynamic system for today’s learning environment.”
“A complete management solution.”
“Just what schools need.”

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Lightspeed Systems has a a new video: The de Ferrers Academy Goes 1:1

November 4, 2015

Schools and colleges across the UK are rolling out mobile devices with the hope of invigorating the learning experience and enabling interactive 24/7 learning. The biggest challenge for these establishments is ensuring the devices are safe and can be managed quickly and efficiently. Made specifically for education, Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manger allows schools to simply and effectively implement and manage a successful mobile learning programme.


Since becoming an Academy, de Ferrers has aspired to be a beacon of excellence within the community it serves, where everyone feels valued, included and proud. With excellent funding the Academy has widely promoted the use of new technologies in education and with over 1000 iPads, the Academy has provided its students with top-class resources to further their education. The Academy became the first school in Staffordshire to provide all sixth form students with access to a personal 1:1 iPad for use in lessons and at home.


Find out why they chose Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager in this short video.

Lightspeed Systems Classroom Orchestrator Expands To Chromebooks

January 21, 2015

Mobile devices can engage students and be successful tools for learning. However, monitoring those devices and ensuring they are being used appropriately can be challenging for teachers. Classroom Orchestrator from Lightspeed Systems solves this issue and makes monitoring devices and student activity simpler. With Classroom Orchestrator, teachers can focus on what really matters – students.

Now available on Chromebooks, Classroom Orchestrator features an easy-to-use and clean interface and gives teachers a centralized view of all student screens so it’s easy to see who’s on task, who needs help, and who’s ready to advance. From a thumbnail view of the whole class, teachers can drill in for more detail on an individual student and even start recording a student screen. This granular level of monitoring increases student accountability and allows teachers to personalize instruction.

With features like Student Information Systems (SIS) integration and cloud-based, low-bandwidth utilization, Classroom Orchestrator makes it easy for schools to implement and start using right away.

Brian Thomas, President of Lightspeed Systems is pleased with the expansion to Chromebook. “We are excited the next phase in Classroom Orchestrator development is here. Chromebooks play an important role in many schools around the world. Classroom Orchestrator makes monitoring easier and allows teachers and IT to focus on mobile learning, not mobile devices.”

Lightspeed Systems makes mobile learning easier and more effective by providing CIPA compliant filtering on or off the network; mobile device management; and a learning management system, My Big Campus. When integrated with these solutions, Classroom Orchestrator is part of a complete Mobile Learning Essentials solution that makes teaching and learning with technology easier and more effective.

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